Sensor Profile Report
Sensor Profile Report

Sensor Profile Report

Use this report to identify sensor location and sensing problems.
Use the sensor profile image (which will extend across several labels or tags) to troubleshoot the following situations:
  • The printer experiences difficulty in determining gaps (web) between labels.
  • The printer incorrectly identifies preprinted areas on a label as gaps (web).
Using the buttons on the user interface
  1. Turn OFF the printer.
  2. Press and hold
    while turning ON the printer.
  3. Hold
    until the
    indicator is the only indicator lit.
Using ZPL
Send the
command to the printer. See the Zebra Programming Guide for more information about this command.
Compare your results to the examples shown in this section. If the sensitivity of the sensors must be adjusted, calibrate the printer (see Manual Media Calibration Mode).

Identifying Sensor Profile Elements

  • The line labeled MEDIA (1) on the sensor profile indicates the media sensor readings.
  • The media sensor threshold settings are indicated by WEB (2).
  • The media out threshold is indicated by OUT (3).
  • The upward spikes (4) indicate gaps between labels (the web/gap).
  • The lines between the spikes (5) indicate where labels are located.
  • The numbered line at the top (6) provides measurement in dots from the start of the printout.
If you compare the sensor profile printout to the length of your media, the spikes should be the same distance apart as the gaps on the media. If the distances are not the same, the printer may be having difficulty determining where the gaps are located.
Sensor Profile (Gap/Web Media)
Shows the sensor profile elements Transmissive Sensing Profile (Gap/Web Media)
Sensor Profile (Black Mark, Tag Media)
Shows the sensor profile elements Reflective Sensing Profile (Black Mark, Tag Media)