Adjusting the Print Quality
Adjusting the Print Quality
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Adjusting the Print Quality

Print quality is affected by the heat (density) setting of the printhead, the print speed, and the media in use.
The printer's default darkness and speed settings work for most applications that use Zebra labels and media. Set the printer to the maximum recommended speed of the media in use. Experiment with the darkness setting first, then lower the speed setting to find the optimal mix for your application. Print quality can be configured with the Zebra Setup Utility’s
Configure Print Quality
Media (
labels, receipt paper, tags, etc.) have maximum speed settings for your chosen media. Start with these setting
The darkness (or density) setting can be controlled by:
  • The
    Set Darkness
    ) ZPL command (consult your ZPL Programming Guide).
Accepted values:
0.0 to 30.0
Related ZPL command(s):
^MD, ~SD
SGD command used:
Printer web page:
View and Modify Printer Settings
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