Locking Printer - Healthcare Option
Locking Printer - Healthcare Option

Locking Printer - Healthcare Option

The Locking Printer option is available as a Healthcare printer only.
The Locking Printer’s features are:
  • Lock and key access to the printer’s media compartment.
    • Metal locking mechanism built into the printer.
    • Precision fabricated metal parts for the repeatable movement.
    • The printer comes with two keys.
  • Supports an industry-recognized Kensington lock slot for locking the printer to any immovable object such as a desk.
  • Permanently sealed media window for added security (not serviceable).
  • The
    button is disabled to prevent the user from manually advancing media while the media compartment is locked. The
    button will always boot up in
    disabled mode.
  • Supports all media that is contained within the printer. Not recommended for fan-fold media.
For an illustration of the Locking Printer’s features, see ZD621 Locking Printer Features.