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Printer Setup Overview

This is a simplified instruction list to assist you in planning a basic printer setup.

Install the Zebra Printer Driver First

  1. First, go to the Zebra website and install the Printer Setup Utilities (Zebra Setup Utilities - ZSU) for Windows. There are apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad links too. The utility includes printer drivers, installation wizards, and various tools to assist you.
  2. Then go to Printer Setup Utilities and install the utilities or apps. Find the printer setup utility at: zebra.com/setup.
    You will need a roll of media (labels, receipt paper, tags, etc.) to set up your first test print. See the Zebra Web site or contact your reseller to help you select the right media for your use. Find media at zebra.com/supplies.
  3. Install any printer hardware options first. See Installing Hardware Options.
  4. Place the printer in a safe location with access to power and where you can connect interface cables or wirelessly to the system.
  5. Attach the printer and power supply to a grounded AC power source.
  6. Select and prepare media for the printer.
  7. Load the media.
  8. Turn the printer ON.
  9. Calibrate the media with a SmartCal Media calibration.
  10. Print a Configuration Report to verify basic printer operation.
  11. Turn the printer OFF.
  12. Choose how your printer will communicate—wired or wireless. If wired connectivity is chosen, available wired local connections are:
    • USB port
    • Optional Serial port
    • Optional Ethernet (LAN)
  13. Attach the printer cable to the network or host system (printer OFF).
  14. Begin the second phase of printer setup: typically Setup for Windows.