Loading the Ribbon Cartridge
Loading the Ribbon Cartridge

Loading the Ribbon Cartridge

One-step easy ribbon cartridge loading.
The printer uses a transfer ribbon cartridge for thermal transfer printing. Just slide the cartridge into the ribbon transport and close the printer. The printer reads the cartridge information stored on the cartridge.
The Ribbon Cartridge
Shows ribbon cartridge features.
1 – Insert this End
2 – Hold the Ribbon Cartridge Here
3 – Cartridge Information Smart Chip
4 – Cartridge Guide Rails
  1. Insert the ribbon cartridge into the ribbon cartridge slot on the ribbon transport in your open printer. Push until the cartridge is nearly flush to the front of the ribbon transport. You will hear and feel the cartridge lock into place. Only Genuine Zebra Ribbon Cartridges are supported.
    Shows printer ribbon cartridge being inserted.