Issue: Printer Locks-Up
Issue: Printer Locks-Up
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Issue: Printer Locks-Up


The printer is not responding to operator actions and commands sent to the printer. The status may be all on or in unknown status patterns.

Cause: Memory Corruption or Failure

The printer memory has been corrupted by an unknown event.

Remedy: Reload Printer Firmware and Test

Internal Printer Support
  1. Reset the printer to factory defaults.
    Use one of the following methods to reset factory defaults.
    • Use the Zebra Setup Utility and
      Open Printer Tools
      Load printer defaults
    • Use the printer display to go to > System > Settings > Restore Defaults.
  2. Reload printer firmware. See Updating Printer Firmware.
  3. If the printer does not recover from this error, call a service technician. This is not a user-serviceable item.