Alert: Media/Labels Out
Alert: Media/Labels Out
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Alert: Media/Labels Out

A print command has been issued, the
has been pressed, or you are printing, and the printer can not detect media to print in the print path.

Cause: Out of Media/Labels

There are no labels or media on the roll in the printer. See Detecting a Media Out Condition.

Remedy: Install New Media

Operator Action

Cause: Label(s) Missing on Roll

A label is missing in the middle of the roll or fan-fold stack.
Some label vendors use a missing label at the end of a media roll to alert the printer that it is out of media. Do not use the remaining labels. They may transfer adhesives used to attach media to the roll.

Remedy: Advance the Roll

Operator Action
  1. Open the printer and pull the roll to the next label at the front of the printer.
  2. Close the printer. Press the
    to let the printer resume printing.
  3. If the printer is paused without advancing the labels, press
    one to two times.

Cause: Misaligned Media Sensor

The movable media sensor is not set properly for your media type.

Remedy: Adjust the Media Sensor

Operator Action

Cause:  The printer is set for non-continuous media with continuous media installed

The printer is set for noncontinuous (web/gap or black mark) media, but continuous media is loaded.

Remedy: Load the correct label type.

Operator Action

Remedy: Calibrate the printer for continuous roll media.

Operator Action
  1. Set the media sensor for continuous media. See Using the Movable Sensor.
  2. Finish loading your media roll.
  3. Calibrate the media. See Run a SmartCal Media Calibration.

Cause: Dirty Media Sensor

Adhesive, dust, or other contaminants are blocking proper sensor operation.

Remedy: Clean the Movable Media Sensor

Operator action
  1. Clean the Movable Media Sensor. See Sensor Cleaning.
    The printer may need more media path cleaning. Inspect the media compartment of other dirty areas of the media path and roll holders. See Media Path Cleaning.

Cause: Media Sensor is not Working

Possible data corruption of memory or faulty components.

Remedy: Update Firmware

Internal Printer Support

Remedy: Sensor Component Failure

Call a service technician.
  1. Check the upper and lower sensor cable connections and for damage to components.
  2. Replace the Movable Media Sensor (lower sensor). This is used for reflective and transmissive sensing.
  3. Next, replace the Upper Media Array Sensor. This is used for transmissive sensing only.
  4. Finally, replace the Main PCBA.