Alert: Printhead Under Temperature
Alert: Printhead Under Temperature
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Alert: Printhead Under Temperature


Cause: Operating Environment is Too Cold

The ambient temperature at the printer's location is below the specified operating range.

Remedy: Increase Operating Environment Temperature or Move the Printer Location

Internal Printer Support - Operator Action
  1. Printhead has had a critical temperature (or power failure).
  2. Turn the printer off. Move the printer location and wait for it to warm naturally. Moisture may condense in and on the printer if the temperature changes too quickly.
  3. Set the printer up for operation and turn the power on to continue using the printer. See Select a Location for the Printer.

Cause: Printhead Failure

The printhead is below operating temperature for proper printing.

Remedy: Replace the Printhead

Internal Printer Support
  1. Replace the printhead. See .