Windows 10 (PC version)
Windows 10 (PC version)

Windows 10 (PC version)

Before pairing or adding a Bluetooth-enabled device, make sure it is turned on and discoverable.  Your Windows device may need a Bluetooth adapter to connect to Bluetooth devices. Check with your device manufacturer’s User Manual for further information.
  1. Open the Windows Start Menu by clicking on the Windows
    button and select
  2. Click on the
    category in the Settings window.
  3. Click on
    . If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth installed, the Bluetooth category will not be displayed in the list of device categories. The printer is identified by the serial number.
  4. Click the
    icon and then click the
    button for the printer.
  5. The printer prints a passcode. Compare that with the passcode showing on the screen. Click
    if they match.
  6. The printer status changes to connected when the pairing is complete.