This section describes potential issues that could arise while using Zebra Workstation Connect and solutions that could correct the problem, such as undocking and docking the device or performing a reboot.
Device (Workstation Cradle with Mobile Computer or Tablet)
External monitor not detected.
The device is powered off when placed in the cradle and then turns on.
Remove the device from the cradle and re-insert it. The device will then detect the monitor.
The display does not change orientation quickly.
It takes a little time for the device to recognize the monitor.
Wait for the screen to re-orientate.
The device is not detecting the monitor.
Remove the device from the cradle and re-insert it.
Peripheral not detected.
Display setting not set properly
Go to Settings > Display > When the device detects an external monitor. Ensure Rotate screen orientation is selected.
Bad cable connection.
Remove the cable and re-connect.
External monitor blank.
Screen capture is disabled by default when setting a new Device Owner.
Enable screen capture during enrollment.