Remote Control and Screen Share
Remote Control and Screen Share

Remote Control and Screen Share

Administrators can choose which screen is used to view standard collaboration tools. This feature is helpful for use cases where the user seeks to share information on the external monitor with a colleague or customer.
Zebra DNA Cloud version 2.7 or higher provides the ability to remote control a user's mobile device or desktop home screen.
To enable this functionality using Zebra DNA Cloud:
  1. Navigate to the
    My Devices
    screen and click
    Remote Support
  2. Observe the
    Remote Support
    window to view the device screen and device information to control the device remotely through the browser window.
Support for remote control is dependent upon the tool; consult the tool vendor to determine compatibility, If the tool supports remote control, ensure that you are using the latest version of the EventInjectorService. You must grant access using AccessMgr. For additional information on using AccessMgr, go to The process for each application is specific to the tool and its vendor. Consult the tool vendor to understand the process specific to the tool you intend to use.
EventInjectionService version 4.8.2 or higher must use the dual-screen remote control on Zebra Workstation Connect.
Some Remote Control and collaboration tools may offer an integrated facility to select which screen to view/control or view/control both screens simultaneously. When a given tool does not support this, Zebra provides a means to do so from outside such tools.
Administrators can connect to the device, view, and control that device's screen for use cases requiring remote assistance. This capability is helpful for use cases where a user must relinquish the application's control to allow a different user to complete a specific task.
For additional information, go to
Remote viewing and remote control with device screen rotation are not supported on ET5X devices.