Mounting the Bracket
Mounting the Bracket

Mounting the Bracket

Installer should ensure that all building codes are followed when connecting the power supplies to an AC power source.
While installing the brackets, power supplies and cables:
  • Use tie wraps to secure cables to the bracket and rails.
  • Coil cables wherever possible.
  • Route power cables along the rails.
  • Route inter-cradle cables to the side rails and then from the rails to the bracket.
  1. Drill holes and install anchors according to the template supplied with the bracket.
  2. Install two screws for bottom of bracket. The screw heads should protrude 2.5 mm (0.01”) from the wall.
    horizontal mounting template
  3. Align the mounting bracket’s bottom mounting key holes with the screws.
  4. Hang the bracket on the screws.
    horizontal installation
  5. Install two top screws.
  6. Tighten all screws.
    tighten screws
  7. Add the four 4-Slot Battery Chargers or cradle onto the bracket.
  8. Route cables and connect to power source.