About this Guide
About this Guide

About this Guide

This guide is for integrators and operators of Zebra Link-OS ZD620 and ZD420 desktop printers. Use this guide to install, change configuration, operate, and physically support these printers.
Other online resources are available to support this printer include:
  • How-to videos
  • ZD620 or ZD420 Desktop Printer product page links for printer specifications
  • Printer accessory, supplies, parts, and software links
  • Various setup and configuration guides
  • Programmer’s manuals
  • Printer drivers (Windows, Apple, OPOS, etc.)
  • Printer firmware
  • Printer fonts
  • Utilities
  • Knowledge base and support contacts
  • Printer warranty and repair links
Use these links to get to your online printer support resources:
  • ZD620 Thermal Transfer Printer — www.zebra.com/zd620t-info
  • ZD620 Direct Thermal Printer — www.zebra.com/zd620d-info
  • ZD420 Thermal Transfer Ribbon Cartridge Printer — www.zebra.com/zd420c-info
  • ZD420 Thermal Transfer Printer — www.zebra.com/zd420t-info
  • ZD420 Direct Thermal Printer — www.zebra.com/zd420d-info