Updating Printer Firmware
Updating Printer Firmware

Updating Printer Firmware

Zebra recommends that you periodically update the printer with the latest firmware to get new features, improvements, and printer upgrades for media handling and communications.
Download the firmware from the appropriate printer support page link listed in About this Guide.
Use Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) to load new firmware.
  1. Open Zebra Setup Utilities.
  2. Select your printer.
  3. Click
    Open Printer Tools
    The Tools window opens.
  4. Click the
  5. Load the printer with media. See Loading Media.
  6. Click
    Send file
    The lower half of the window displays a filename and path.
  7. Click
    Browse (...)
    and select the latest firmware file you downloaded from the Zebra web site.
  8. Observe the user interface and wait.
    If the firmware version of the transferred file differs from the version installed on the printer, the firmware will download to the printer. The data indicator flashes green as firmware downloads. The printer restarts with all indicators flashing. When the firmware update is complete, the STATUS indicator turns solid green during firmware validation and installation. The printer prints a printer configuration report.
The firmware update is complete.