Selecting a Print Mode
Selecting a Print Mode

Selecting a Print Mode

Use a print mode that matches the media being used and the printer options available. The media path is the same for roll and fanfold media.
To set the printer to use a specific print mode, see instructions on using the
command in the ZPL Programming Guide. To download this manual, go to one of the printer information links listed in
These print modes are available with your printer:
Tear Off (default; available with any printer option and with most media types)
The printer prints the labels as it receives them. The labels can be torn off after they print.
Peel (available with the Label Dispenser option)
The printer peels the label from the liner while printing. It pauses to print the next label until the current one is removed.
Cutter (available with the factory-installed-only Cutter option)
The printer cuts each label after it is printed.