EPL Line Mode (Direct Thermal Printers only)
EPL Line Mode (Direct Thermal Printers only)

EPL Line Mode (Direct Thermal Printers only)

Your direct thermal printer supports Line Mode printing. EPL Line Mode printing is designed to be command compatible with EPL1 programming language used in early model LP2022 and LP2042 printers. The Zebra 2800 series direct thermal printers also included Line Mode printer language support. The Link-OS 4 inch Desktop continues Zebra’s support of Line Mode.
Line mode printing is ideal for basic retail (also referred to as point of sale or POS), shipping, inventory, work flow control, and general labeling. EPL printers with Line Mode are versatile printers than can print a wide range media and barcodes.
Line mode printing only prints single lines the height of the largest element present in the line of text and data – barcode, text, a logo or simple vertical lines. Line mode has many limitations due to the single line of print: no fine element placement, no overlapping elements, and no horizontal (ladder) barcodes.
  • To  enter Line Mode printer operation, send the printer the EPL
    command. See the EPL Programmers Guide (Page Mode) or the EPL Line Mode Programmers Guide for details.
  • Exit Line Mode printer operation by sending the printer the
    line mode command. See the EPL Line Mode Programming Guide for details.
  • When Line Mode is active, ZPL and EPL (EPL2) Page Mode programming is processed as Line Mode programming and data.
  • When default ZPL and EPL (EPL2) Page Mode are active, Line Mode programming will be processed as ZPL and/or EPL programming and data.
  • Verify printer programming modes by printing out a printer configuration.