Linerless Printing
Linerless Printing

Linerless Printing

Linerless media loads the same as models with the standard tear-off bezel or the general factory-installed cutter options.
See Loading Media for information on loading the media.
  • Before reloading media:
    • Clean the printhead and inspect the media path and platen roller for build up of adhesive and debris. (See Cleaning the Printhead and Cleaning the Media Path.)
    • Remove particles with the adhesive side of your linerless media.
    • Lightly touch the media path and platen roller with the label to lift particles off the exposed area of the platen roller and the media path areas. See Cleaning and Replacing the Platen.
  • Remove new media from it’s protective wrapping ONLY when you are ready to place it in the printer. If new linerless media roll is opened well prior to loading or is set on its side, it may pick up contaminants and stick to surfaces.
The platen roller can accumulate adhesive on the outer edges of the roller. After using many rolls of media, these rings of adhesive may get dislodged when using printer. These particle clumps can then get transferred to other areas. Clean the platen as needed. (See Cleaning and Replacing the Platen.)