Using the Label Dispenser Option
Using the Label Dispenser Option

Using the Label Dispenser Option

The label dispenser option allows you to print a label and have the backing material (liner/web) automatically removed. When printing multiple labels, removing the dispensed (peeled) label triggers the printer to print and dispense the next label.
To use label dispense mode, set the printer's Media Handling setting to Peel-Off in the printer driver or using the Zebra Setup Utility Configure Printer Settings wizard.
Alternatively, send the ZPL programming commands to the printer. When programming in ZPL, you can use the command sequences shown below to configure the printer to use the dispenser option:
  • ^XA ^MMP ^XZ
  • ^XA ^JUS ^XZ
  1. Load your labels into the printer. Close the printer and press
    until a minimum of 100 millimeters or 4 inches of exposed labels exit the printer. You can leave the labels on the liner.
  2. Lift the liner over the top of the printer. Pull the gold latch in the center of dispenser door away from the printer and the door will open.
  3. Insert the label liner between the dispenser door and the printer body.
  4. Close the dispenser door while pulling the end of the label liner tight.
  5. Press and release
    (Advance) one or more times until a label gets presented for removal.
  6. During the print job, the printer will peel off the backing and present a single label. Take the label from the printer to allow the printer to print the next label.
    If you did not activate the label taken sensor to detect the removal of the dispensed (peeled) label with software commands, the printed labels will stack and may bind the mechanism.