Configuring the Printer Using Bluetooth
Configuring the Printer Using Bluetooth

Configuring the Printer Using Bluetooth

The Zebra Setup Utilities provides a quick and easy way to configure a Bluetooth wireless connection with your printer.
  1. Double-click the
    Zebra Setup Utilities
    (ZSU) icon on your desktop.
  2. Connect your computer and the printer with a USB cable.
  3. On the first ZSU screen, highlight the printer displayed in the window and click
    Configure Printer Connectivity
  4. On the Connectivity type screen, select
    , then click
  5. On the Bluetooth Settings screen, check
    to enable Bluetooth functionality.
  6. In the
    Friendly Name
    field, set the Bluetooth name of the device that you will use to discover the device on the network.
    This is the name that the central device will apply to the printer.
  7. If you want the device to appear when central devices are looking for new devices to pair with, set the
    field to
    . If not, set it to
  8. Set
    This setting does not exist in Link-OS Profile Manager, but you must set it to
    if you want to enter a PIN in the Zebra Setup Utilities. The actual authentication setting on the printer is set by accessing
    Advanced Settings
    Security Mode
  9. The values set in the
    Authentication PIN
    field will vary depending on the Bluetooth (BT) version of the central device. If the central uses BT v2.0 or older, enter a numeric value in this field. You will be prompted to enter this same value on the central device to verify pairing. Also select
    Security Mode 2
    Advanced Settings
      for PIN paring.
    If the central device uses BT v2.1 or newer, this setting has no effect. BT v2.1 and newer versions use Secure Simple Paring (SSP) which does not require the use of a PIN.
  10. To view Advanced Bluetooth settings, click the
    Advanced Settings...
    For more information on Advanced Settings, refer to the Wired and Wireless Print Server Guide.
  11. Click
    to continue configuring your printer.
    The SGD commands needed to configure your printer will be displayed.
  12. On the Send Data screen, click on the printer that you want to send the commands to, or click
    to save the commands to a file for reuse later.
  13. To send the commands to the printer you chose, click
    The printer will update and reboot.
  14. You may disconnect the USB interface from your printer now.
  15. To complete the Bluetooth pairing process, enable Bluetooth device discovery on your central device and follow the instructions provided by the central device.