Installing the Windows Printer Drivers
Installing the Windows Printer Drivers

Installing the Windows Printer Drivers

To use your printer with a Microsoft Windows-based computer, you must install the correct drivers first. Use the Zebra Setup Utilities to install the printer drivers on your central device and run the Utilities with power to the printer is switched OFF. These drivers enable you to set up and manage your printer from the convenience of your central device: a Windows PC, an Android device, or an Apple device.
You may connect your printer to your computer using any of the supported connections that are available to you to use. However, do NOT connect any cables from your computer to the printer UNTIL you are instructed to do so by the installation wizards. If you connect the cables at the wrong time, your printer will not install the correct printer drivers. To recover from incorrect driver installation, see What To Do If You Forget to Install the Printer Drivers First.
If using a PC, it must run a Zebra-driver-supported Windows OS. (See the Zebra Setup Utilities Release Notes for a list of supported Windows operating systems.)
If you are using a physical cable to connect your computer to the printer, be sure to review the cabling specifications and the parameters specific to the physical communication interface you plan to use. This information will help you make the appropriate configuration setup choices both prior to and immediately after you apply power to the printer.
  • For basic interface cabling requirements, see Interface Cable Requirements.
  • For USB cable requirements and information on basic USB connectivity, see USB Interface.
  • For Ethernet cable specifications and information on basic Ethernet connectivity, see Ethernet (LAN, RJ-45).
  • For detailed  information on installing Ethernet/LAN and Bluetooth interfaces, see the Wired/Wireless Print Server User Guide and the Bluetooth Printer Management Guide available from
  1. Navigate to zebra,com/drivers.
  2. Click
  3. Select your printer model.
  4. On the product page for your printer, click
  5. Download the appropriate driver for Windows.
    The driver executable file (such as
    ) is added to your Download folder.
  6. Ensure printer power is OFF.
    Do NOT turn printer power on until you are instructed to do so by the Setup Wizard.
  7. From your PC, run the Zebra Setup Utilities (ZSU) executable and follow the prompts.
    The setup wizard installs the printer drivers and prompts you to turn printer power ON.
    When setup is complete, you may select to add the drivers to your system (Configure System) or elect to add specific printers in a later step.
  8. Select
    Configure System
    and click
    The Printer Installation Wizard installs the drivers.