Connecting the RS5000 Imager
Connecting the RS5000 Imager

Connecting the RS5000 Imager

  1. If using the device wearable terminal, remove the connector cap.
  2. Connect the RS5000 interface cable to the wearable terminal interface connector. If connecting to a wrist-mounted wearable terminal, connect to the interface connector closest to the wrist.
  3. If using the extended cable configuration, route the scanner cable up to the shoulder and down to the hand that the scanner mounts on. Attach two cable clips to clothing and secure cable to cable clip.
  4. Rotate the trigger assembly to the correct position for the hand that the imager mounts to.
  5. Slide the RS5000 onto the index finger with the scan trigger next to the thumb.
  6. Tighten the finger strap.
  7. Soft boot the wearable terminal. See Performing a Soft Reset for information on performing a soft boot.