Additional Wi-Fi Settings
Additional Wi-Fi Settings

Additional Wi-Fi Settings

Use the Additional Settings to configure additional Wi-Fi settings.
Additional Wi-Fi settings are for the device, not for a specific wireless network.
  • Regulatory
    • Country Selection
      - Displays the acquired country code if 802.11d is enabled, else it displays the currently selected country code.
    • Region code
      - Displays the current region code.
  • Band and Channel Selection
    • Wi-Fi frequency band
      - Set the frequency band to:
      5 GHz only
      2.4 GHz only
  • Logging
    • Logging
      - Touch to enable advanced logging or change the log directory (Android 11 only).
    • Advanced Logging
      – Touch to enable logging, enable
      Wi-Fi Verbose Logging
      , or change the log directory (Android 13 only).
    • Wireless logs
      - Use to capture Wi-Fi log files.
      • Fusion Logger
        - Touch to open the
        Fusion Logger
        application. This application maintains a history of high level WLAN events which helps to understand the status of connectivity.
      • Fusion Status
        - Touch to display live status of WLAN state.  Also provides information about the device and connected profile.
  • About
    • Version
      - Displays the current version information. Touch the version to display addition version details.