Battery Menu
Battery Menu

Battery Menu

This section provides details about the printer's Battery menu.
Battery Setting
Indicates the current health of the battery, for example, Good, Past Useful Life, etc.
Cycle Count
View the current charging cycle count of the battery.
SGD: power.cycle_count
Serial Number
Indicates the serial number of the battery pack.
SGD: power.serial_number_string
Timeout (Seconds)
View, and if necessary, change the battery timeout.
SGD: power.inactivity_timeout_ alt
View the current voltage level of the battery pack.
SGD: power.voltage
SGD: power.low_battery_warning
DTR Control
SGD: power.dtr_power_off
Predicted Capacity
SGD: power.relative_state_of_ charge
Battery Capacity
Battery capacity measured in mAH.
SGD: power.remaining_capacity
Charger Status
Indicates the presence of a battery charger.
SGD: power.chrgr_status
Battery Health
SGD: power.percent_health