Ethernet and Charging Cradle
Ethernet and Charging Cradle

Ethernet and Charging Cradle

The ethernet cradle is an expansion base intended for use with the devices. A four-bay or single-bay cradle option is available for both the ZQ610 Plus and ZQ620 Plus, and a single-bay option specifically for the ZQ630 Plus. The cradles provide charging power to the docked printer and provide a standard 10/100 Mb/s ethernet port for communication to the printer. The cradles also supply battery charging power to the docked printer and act as a supplementary power source.
The cradles feature two LEDs indicating the status of the cradle:
  • Solid green indicates when power is provided to the input of the cradle.
  • Blinking green indicates ethernet activity.
The cradle allows you to dock the printer easily and remove it with the push of a button. The printer remains operable while docked; for example, the display is viewable, the charge LED status is viewable, and printer controls and data entry are available. The printer still prints while docked, and you can also replace the media.
  • Remove the docking contacts cover on the bottom of the printer before docking the printer in the cradle.
  • Clean the docking contacts with a Zebra cleaning pen to remove any residue left behind by the label.
LED Status Indicator
LED Status
Solid Green
Power On
Blinking Green
Ethernet Activity