Using Batteries
Using Batteries

Using Batteries

The ZQ600 Plus Series printers use a Li-Ion battery pack with integrated intelligence and data storage capabilities meeting Power Precision+ (PP+) functionality. The ZQ610 Plus and ZQ620 Plus use a 2-cell battery pack, and the ZQ630 Plus uses a 4-cell battery pack. This intelligent battery collects real-time battery metrics to maximize battery life and ensure every battery is healthy and can hold a full charge. The intelligent battery tracks and maintains the metrics required to provide real-time visibility into more meaningful battery statistics, such as total cycle usage of the battery, whether the battery is old and should be retired, or how long it takes a battery to fully charge.
Operating Temperature
Charging Temperature
Storage Temperature
ZQ610 Plus
-20 to 60°C
(-4 to 140°F)
-25 to 60°C
(-13 to 140°F)
ZQ620 Plus
ZQ610 Plus-HC
ZQ620 Plus-HC
ZQ630 Plus
-20 to 50°C
(-4 to 122°F)
-25 to 65°C
(-13 to 149°F)
  • For optimal charging results, only use Zebra smart battery packs.
  • Charge batteries at room temperature with the device powered off.
  • Ideal charging conditions are within 5-40°C (41-104°F).
  • The device consistently performs battery charging in a safe and intelligent manner. At higher temperatures, the device may intermittently enable and disable battery charging for brief periods to maintain the battery within acceptable temperature limits. In the presence of abnormal temperatures, the device utilizes LED indicators and displays alerts to notify you when charging cannot be initiated.
The smart battery's health has three states: Good, Replace, and Poor. The printer's ability to function is contingent upon battery health, which is communicated to you through the display interface.
Number of Charge Cycles
Power-Up Message
Less than 300
300 to 599
Battery Diminished, Consider Replacing*
550 to 599
Warning-Battery Is Past Useful Life*
600 or more
Replace Battery, Shutting Down**
* Warning accompanied by one long beep.
** Warning flashes on and off, accompanied by a beep once every second. After 30 seconds, the printer shuts down.