Tools Menu
Tools Menu

Tools Menu

This section provides details about the printer's Tool menu.
Tools Setting
Print Information
Prints a printer configuration label, sensor profile, barcode information, font information, images, formats, two-key report, and network settings.
SGD: device.user_vars.display_ wmlsg_printlist
Backlight Timeout
Sets the duration of the LCD backlight in seconds.
SGD: display.backlight_on_time
Power Up Action
Set the action for the printer to take during the power-up sequence, for example, no motion, calibrate, etc.
SGD: ezpl.power_up_action
Head Close Action
Set the action for the printer to take when you close the printhead, for example, feed, calibrate, etc.
SGD: ezpl.head_close_action
Load Defaults
Restore specific printer, print server, and network settings back to the factory defaults. Use care when loading defaults because you need to reload all settings that you changed manually. This menu item is available through two user menus with different default values for each.
SGD: ezpl.load_defaults
Label Length Cal
Calibrate the printer to adjust the length of the label.
Diagnostic Mode
Use this diagnostic tool to cause the printer to output the hexadecimal values for all data received by the printer.
SGD: device.user_vars.display_ diagnostic_list
ZBI Enabled?
This menu item indicates if the Zebra Basic Interpreter (ZBI 2.0TM.) option is enabled on your printer. If you would like to purchase this option, contact your Zebra reseller for more information.
SGD: zbi.key
Password Protect
Select the level of password protection for user menu items. The default printer password is 1234.
SGD: display.password.level