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Settings Menu

This section provides details about the printer's Settings menu.
Print Setting
Set the darkness to the lowest setting that provides good print quality. If you set darkness too high, the label image may print unclearly, bar codes may not scan correctly, or the printhead may wear prematurely.
SGD: print.tone_zpl
Print Speed
Select the speed for printing a label (given in inches per second). Slower print speeds typically yield better print quality.
SGD: media.speed
Media Type
Select the type of media that you are using.
SGD: ezpl.media_type
Tear Off
If necessary, adjust the position of the media over the tear bar after printing.
SGD: ezpl.tear_off
Print Width
Specify the width of the labels being used. The default value is the maximum width for the printer based on the printhead’s DPI value.
SGD: ezpl.print_width
Print Mode
Select a print mode that is compatible with your printer options.
SGD: ezpl.print_mode
Label Top
If necessary, shift the position of the image vertically on the label.
  • Negative numbers move the image higher on the label (toward the printhead).
  • Positive numbers move the image farther down on the label (away from the printhead) by the specified number of dots.
SGD: zpl.label_top
Left Position
If necessary, shift the print position horizontally on the label. Positive numbers move the left edge of the image toward the center of the label by the number of dots selected, while negative numbers move the left edge of the image toward the left edge of the label.
SGD: zpl.left_position
Reprint Mode
When reprint mode is enabled, you can reprint the last label printed either by issuing certain commands or by pressing the DOWN ARROW on the keypad.
SGD: ezpl.reprint_mode
Label Length Max
Set the maximum label length to a value that is at least 25.4 mm (1 in.) greater than the actual label length plus the interlabel gap. If you set the value to one that is smaller than the label length, the printer assumes that continuous media is loaded, and the printer cannot calibrate.
SGD: ezpl.label_length_max
If necessary, change the language that the printer displays.
To facilitate easier selection, the available options for this parameter are displayed in the language you can read.