Status Icons
Status Icons

Status Icons

The top of the display shows several icons which indicate the status of various printer functions. Check the indicator status, then refer to the Troubleshooting topic referenced in the chart to resolve the problem.
Solid blue
Bluetooth link established
Not present
Bluetooth link inactive
Blinking blue
Connecting or transmitting labels
Antenna blinking
Looking for AP
Antenna blinking/1 signal steady
WLAN associated and attempting authentication
Antenna blinking/2 signals steady
WLAN associated and authenticated
Antenna blinking/2 signals blinking
Receiving data
Not present
No radio present
4 Green bars
>80% charged
3 Green bars
60-80% charged
2 Yellow bars
40-60% charged
1 Red bar
20-40% charged
0 bars (Red battery outline)
Low battery
4 green blinking with the lightning bolt
Charging >80% capacity
3 green blinking with the lightning bolt
Charging 60-80% capacity
2 yellow blinking with the lightning bolt
Charging 40-60% capacity
1 red blinking with the lightning bolt
Charging 20-40% capacity
0 bars with red lightning bolt
Low battery
Blinking red
Media cover open
Blinking green
Receiving data
Solid green
Ethernet connected
Not present
No ethernet connection
Blinking green
Data processing in progress
Solid green
No data being processed
Blinking red
Out of media
Solid white
Media present
Blinking red
Error exists (excluding Media Out and Head Latch Open)
Not present
No error exists
4 green bars
802.11 signal strength >75%
3 green bars
802.11 signal strength <=75%
2 green bars
802.11 signal strength <=50% but >25%
1 yellow bar
802.11 signal strength <=25%
0 bars
No signal strength