Loading Media in Peel-Off Mode (ZQ630 Plus)
Loading Media in Peel-Off Mode (ZQ630 Plus)

Loading Media in Peel-Off Mode (ZQ630 Plus)

This section describes loading media into the ZQ630 Plus printer in Peel-Off Mode.
  1. Peel a few labels off the backing.
  2. Open the printer.
    1. Press the latch release button (1) on the side of the printer.
      The media cover releases.
    2. Rotate the media cover (2) backward completely, exposing the media compartment and adjustable media supports.
  3. Pull the media supports apart and insert the roll of media between the supports in the orientation shown.
  4. Close the media cover.
  5. Pull the peeler lever up until it locks into place.
    The peeler bail folds backward. The printer is now primed to remove labels from the roll automatically.
  6. Press
    to turn on the device, or press
    if the device is already on.
The printer advances the media to the next label if printing labels. If you are printing on journal media, the printer advances a short strip of media.

Disengaging the Peeler Bail

  1. To disengage the peeler bail, push the peeler bail button inward and then down.
    The peeler bail snaps forward to its original position and is now disengaged.