Zebra DNA Cloud
Zebra DNA Cloud

Zebra DNA Cloud

Before attempting the tasks described in this section, ensure that your organization has set up Zebra DNA Cloud. After one or more devices are enrolled and licensed in the Zebra DNA Cloud system, you can create and deploy device configurations or perform other administrative tasks such as email communication or document creation.
The My Apps section is for installing apps on devices and deploying related files. Apps are uploaded to the Zebra DNA Cloud system in a Collection, after which the administrator creates an App Setup Profile, designating an APK (selected from the Collection) for deployment along with configuration and data file(s)
Zebra DNA Cloud stores applications in Collections. Applications preinstalled on Zebra devices are viewable in the
Zebra Collection
tab. Applications installed by an organization are viewable in the My Collection tab.
The section below presents the screenshots for installing and configuring Zebra Workstation Connect using Zebra DNA Cloud.
  1. On the Zebra Collection tab, click
    next to Workstation Connect to set up the application.
  2. On the
    App Details
    page, confirm the information, and click
    to proceed.
  3. Select
    to edit and include the configuration and data for the application.