Assembling the Wrist Mount
Assembling the Wrist Mount

Assembling the Wrist Mount

This section describes how to assemble the wrist mount.
  1. Open the antenna pocket and insert the cable into the pocket slot. Squeeze the strap to allow the cable to pass through.
  2. Feed the cable through the pocket slot and out the shaped cutout. For right-handed units, use the tab to secure the cable in place.
  3. Orient the antenna to match the image on the pocket, and then insert the antenna into the pocket.
  4. Attach the mounting plate to the wrist strap.
  5. Connect the cable to the mounting plate. For right-handed units, gently bend the cable backward and connect.
  6. Roll any excess cable under the antenna and close the pocket with the hook and loop closure.
  7. Pass the end fastener of the wrist strap through the narrow opening, and then snap the fasteners together.
  8. Attach the wrist strap, and then turn the knob to tighten it.
  9. Attach the device to the mounting plate.