Installing the Back of Hand Mount
Installing the Back of Hand Mount

Installing the Back of Hand Mount

Mount the Back of Hand (BOH) mount to the hand wrap, and then install the device in the shell onto the BOH mount.
Determine whether the device is used on the right or left hand.
The described procedures are applicable to both right-handed and left-handed users. The steps in this section is using a right-hand wrap as an example.
Cable Length Slot
The BOH mount has three slots for the user to position the trigger cable. Insert the trigger cable into one of the slots according to the size of the user's hand:
For large-hand users
For medium-hand users
For small-hand users
  1. To mount a BOH mount to the hand wrap:
    1. Insert the trigger cable and button (1) through the trigger slot of the hand wrap (2).
      Inserting BOH Trigger Button
    2. Insert the strap (2) through one of the strap slots (3) on the BOH mount (1).
      Inserting Strap to through the BOH Mount
    3. Insert the strap through the other slot of the mount, and then fasten it with the hook and loop fastener.
  2. Position the hand wrap on the hand by sliding your hand through the hand wrap, with your thumb through the smaller opening and your remaining four fingers through the larger opening.
    Positioning glove on the hand
  3. Slide the strap (1) through the buckle and secure the end of the strap in place with the hook and loop fastener.
    Fastening the strap to secure the glove on the hand
    Adjust the strap to a comfortable position to fit securely by tightening or loosening the strap.
  4. Position the trigger button so that the button is easy-access to your thumb, and then secure it on the hand wrap using the hook and loop fastener.
  5. Slide the device (1) in the shell onto the BOH mount. Press the BOH mount button (2) when mounting.
    Sliding the core and shell on the BOH mount
    Release the button (2) when the device snaps into place on the BOH mount.
  6. Reposition the mount on the hand wrap to align the mount with the middle finger knuckle.
  7. Tighten or loosen the hand wrap strap, if necessary.
To unmount the device in the shell from the BOH mount, press the BOH mount button and slide the device in the shell away from the BOH mount button.