Installed Applications
Installed Applications

Installed Applications

Aside from the common Google apps, the Zebra-specific apps that are installed on the device are described in this section.
To ensure the stable operation of the device, the recommended maximum memory utilization for the device should be kept below 350 MB for total user applications. This includes Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).
Battery Manager App Icon
Battery Manager
- Display battery information, including charge level, status, health and wear level.
AOSP 11 Bluetooth Pairing Icon
Bluetooth Pairing Utility
- Use to pair peripherals with the device by scanning a barcode.
DataWedge App icon
- Enables data capture using the imager.
RXLogger App Icon
- Use to diagnose device and app issues.
StageNow App Icon
- Allows the device to stage a device for initial use by initiating the deployment of settings, firmware, and software.
Zebra Bluetooth
- Use to configure Bluetooth logging.
Zebra Data Services App Icon
Zebra Data Services
- Use to enable or disable Zebra Data Services. Some options are set by the system administrator.