DataWedge is a utility that adds advanced barcode scanning capability to any application without writing code. It runs in the background and handles the interface to built-in barcode scanners. The captured barcode data is converted to keystrokes and sent to the target application as if it was typed on the keypad.
DataWedge allows any app on the device to get data from input sources such as a barcode scanner, MSR, RFID, voice, or serial port and manipulate the data based on options or rules.
Configure DataWedge to:
  • Provide data capture services from any app.
  • Use a particular scanner, reader, or other peripheral devices.
  • Properly format and transmit data to a specific app
To configure DataWedge, refer to
Do not enable
Decode Haptic Feedback
because the life of the vibrator is significantly reduced in frequent scanning use cases.