Scanning with the RS5100 Ring Scanner
Scanning with the RS5100 Ring Scanner

Scanning with the RS5100 Ring Scanner

Use the RS5100 Ring Scanner to capture barcode data.
RS5100 Ring Scanner
Refer to the RS5100 Ring Scanner Product Reference Guide for more information.
To read a barcode, a scan-enabled app is required. The device contains the DataWedge app that allows the user to enable the scanner to decode barcode data and display the barcode content.
To scan with the RS5100:
  1. Pair the RS5100 with the device.
  2. Ensure that an app is open on the device and a text field is in focus (text cursor in text field).
  3. Point the RS5100 at a barcode.
    Rs5100 scanning
  4. Press and hold the trigger.
    The red laser aiming pattern turns on to assist in aiming. Ensure the barcode is within the area formed by the cross-hairs in the aiming pattern. The aiming dot increases visibility in bright lighting conditions.
    RS5100 Aiming Pattern
    When the RS5100 is in Pick List mode, the RS5100 does not decode the barcode until the center of the crosshair touches the barcode.
    RS5100 Pick List Mode with Multiple Barcodes in Aiming Pattern
    The RS5100 LEDs light green and a beep sounds to indicate the barcode was decoded successfully.
    The captured data appears in the text field.