Replacing the Battery
Replacing the Battery

Replacing the Battery

The device supports Hot Swap mode where the user can replace the battery without powering off the device. When the user removes the device from the shell, the display turns off and the device enters a low power state (indicated by a single red flash of the scan/custom LED). Replace the battery within two minutes to preserve memory persistence.
  1. Remove the wearable assembly.
    For information about removing the finger trigger and wrist mount assemblies, see Removing the Trigger and Shell Assembly and Removing the Wrist Mount Assembly.
  2. Rotate the device so that the touch screen is facing downward.
  3. Push the battery release latch (1).
    Pushing the Battery Latch
  4. Lift the battery from the battery compartment.
    Removing Battery
  5. Align the battery so that the battery bottom engages the locking slots (1).
    Battery locking slots
  6. Press the battery down into the battery compartment until the battery release latches snap into place.
    Installing battery