Near Field Communications
Near Field Communications

Near Field Communications

NFC/HF RFID is a short-range wireless connectivity technology standard that enables a secure transaction between a reader and a contactless smart card.
The device supports the following operating modes:
  • Reader mode
  • Card Emulation mode.
Using NFC, the device can:
  • Read contactless cards such as contactless tickets, and ID cards.
  • Read and write information to contactless cards, such as SmartPosters and tickets, as well as devices with an NFC interface, such as vending machines.
  • Read information from supported medical sensors.
  • Pair with supported Bluetooth devices.
  • Exchange data with another NFC device.
  • Emulate contactless cards.
Supported NFC cards:
  • Mifare Standard / Classic
  • Mifare Ultralight
  • TI tag-it Plus 2K (ISO 15693)
  • NFC Tag Type 1 (NDEF Topaz)
  • NFC Tag Type 2 (NDEF NTAG)
  • NFC Tag Type 3 (NDEF FeliCa)
  • NFC Tag Type 5 (NDEF Vicinity tag) or NXP Icode SLI-X
  • UPM Midas NTAG213 token 20 mm
  • NXP i-Code SLI token 16 mm
  • NFC Barcode.