The Checkpoint CP-VII system generates a periodic burst of electromagnetic energy that deactivates EAS tags brought near the scanner. To avoid interference with scanner operation, observe the following precautions when installing the EAS system:
  • Position the EAS antenna box as far as possible from the scanner (at least 15.24 cm. / 6 in.)
  • Position the EAS antenna, EAS antenna box, EAS control cable, and EAS controller box as far as possible from the scanner’s host and power cables.
Because EAS range is dependent on the Checkpoint system (calibrated onsite) as well as the scanner, estimated ranges can not be provided. However, the following factors influence EAS range:
  • Antenna – length, gauge, number of turns, placement in the scanner
  • Type of Checkpoint EAS system used (CP-VII, CP-IX, or CP-XI)
  • Length of wire connecting antenna to EAS (site/installation dependent)
  • Checkpoint system settings (site/installation dependent)