Embedded Window Angle and Position
Embedded Window Angle and Position
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Embedded Window Angle and Position

If you are placing a window between the device and the target, follow these guidelines:
  • Window Clear Opening - Make the clear opening of the window large enough so that the entire clear aperture passes through the window. Cutting off any part of the clear aperture can degrade decode range performance. Ensure that window placement relative to the device accounts for tolerances on all parts involved in that assembly.
  • Window must be parallel.
  • Acceptable Window Range - 0-8 mm
  • Optical Working Range - Adding a window can reduce the working range of the device since there is a signal loss when passing through window material. To minimize this reduction, use a special coating described in Anti-Reflective Coating Specifications. To understand the difference, test the device in the desired orientation and see if the difference affects performance.