Dump Scanner Parameters
Dump Scanner Parameters
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Dump Scanner Parameters

To debug a scanner issue, scan the following bar code with the scanner connected in USB HID keyboard mode to Microsoft® Windows Notepad or Wordpad, or via RS-232 to Windows Hyperterminal. This outputs all the scanner's asset tracking information and parameter settings to a text document.
Refer to the parameter numbers ito interpret the parameter/attribute numbers in the output.
Use 123Scan if available as an alternative to using this feature. 123Scan is the preferable method for outputting scanner information.
For proper formatting, it may be necessary to first scan <DATA> <SUFFIX 1> (1)
To select the timeout between decodes for the same symbol, scan the following barcode, and then scan two barcodes from Numeric Barcodes that correspond to the desired interval, in 0.1 second increments.