RS-232 Host Types
RS-232 Host Types
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RS-232 Host Types

Select an RS-232 host interface using one of the following options.
Notes on using RS-232 host types:
  • For a list of supported scanner functionality by communication protocol, see Communication Protocol Functionality.
  • Scanning Standard RS-232 activates the RS-232 driver, but does not change port settings (for example, parity, data bits, handshaking). Selecting another RS-232 host type barcode changes these settings.
  • The CUTE host disables all parameter scanning, including Set Defaults. If you inadvertently select CUTE, scan Enable Parameter Barcode Scanning, and then change the host selection.
*Standard RS-232
ICL RS-232
Nixdorf RS-232 Mode A
Nixdorf RS-232 Mode B
Olivetti ORS4500
Fujitsu RS-232
Datalogic Variant