Multipacket Option
Multipacket Option
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Multipacket Option

Parameter #
(SSI # F0h 4Eh)
This parameter controls ACK/NAK handshaking for multi-packet transmissions.
  • Multi-Packet Option 1 - The host sends an ACK/NAK for each data packet during a multi-packet transmission.
  • Multi-Packet Option 2 - The scanner sends data packets continuously, with no ACK/NAK handshaking to pace the transmission. The host, if overrun, can use hardware handshaking to temporarily delay scanner transmissions. At the end of transmission, the scanner waits for a CMD_ACK or CMD_NAK.
  • Multi-Packet Option 3 - This is the same as option 2 with the addition of a programmable interpacket delay. See Interpacket Delay to set this delay.
*Multipacket Option 1 (0)
Multipacket Option 2 (1)
Multipacket Option 3 (2)