Software Handshaking
Software Handshaking
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Software Handshaking

Parameter #
(SSI # 9Fh)
This parameter offers control of data transmission in addition to the control hardware handshaking offers. Hardware handshaking is always enabled; you cannot disable it.
  • Disable ACK/NAK Handshaking - The scanner neither generates nor expects ACK/NAK handshaking packets.
  • Enable ACK/NAK Handshaking - After transmitting data, the scanner expects either an ACK or NAK response from the host. The scanner also ACKs or NAKs messages from the host. The scanner waits up to the programmable Host Serial Response Timeout to receive an ACK or NAK. If the scanner does not get a response in this time, it resends its data up to two times before discarding the data and declaring a transmission error.
Disable ACK/NAK (0)
*Enable ACK/NAK (1)