Set Lengths for MSI
Set Lengths for MSI
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Set Lengths for MSI

Parameter #
(SSI #1Eh)
Parameter #
(SSI #1Fh)
This parameter set lengths for MSI.
The length of a code refers to the number of characters (for example, human-readable characters), including check digit(s) the code contains. Set lengths for MSI to any length, one or two discrete lengths, or lengths within a specific range.  The default is
4 to 55
The maximum range is 0-55.
When setting lengths, enter a leading zero for single-digit numbers.
Scan one of the following barcodes to select a length option:
  • One Discrete Length - Decode only MSI symbols containing a selected length.
  • Two Discrete Lengths - Decode only MSI symbols containing either of two lengths.
  • Length Within Range - Decode MSI symbols with a specific length range.
  • Any Length - Decode MSI symbols containing any number of characters within the scanner’s capability.
Due to the construction of the MSI symbology, it is possible for a scan line covering only a portion of the code to transmit as a complete scan, yielding less data than is encoded in the barcode. To prevent this, select specific lengths (MSI - One Discrete Length, Two Discrete Lengths) for MSI applications.
Select lengths using barcodes in Numeric Barcodes. To correct an error or change the selection, scan Cancel.
For example:
  • To decode only MSI symbols with 14 characters, scan MSI - One Discrete Length, and then scan 1, 4.
  • To decode only MSI symbols containing either 2 or 14 characters, scan MSI - Two Discrete Lengths, and then scan 0, 2, 1, 4.
  • To decode MSI symbols containing between 4 and 12 characters, scan MSI - Length Within Range, and then scan 0, 4, 1, 2.
MSI - One Discrete Length
MSI - Two Discrete Lengths
*MSI - Length Within Range (Default:
4 to 55
MSI - Any Length