USB Interface Connection
USB Interface Connection
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USB Interface Connection

The scanner connects to USB-capable hosts including:
  • TGCS (IBM) terminals
  • Apple™ desktop and notebooks
  • Other network computers that support more than one keyboard.
The following operating systems support the scanner through USB:
  • Windows® XP, 7, 8, 10
  • MacOS 8.5 - MacOS 10.6
  • TGCS (IBM) 4690/TCx Sky OS
The scanner also interfaces with other USB hosts that support USB Human Interface Devices (HID).
To connect the scanner to a USB host:
  1. Connect the modular connector of the USB interface cable to the host port as described in Connecting Cables.
  2. Plug the Type-A connector of cable in the USB host or hub or plug the 12V USB Powerplug connector in an available port of the IBM SurePOS or NCR POS terminal.
  3. Optionally, connect a handheld auxiliary scanner to the aux port.
  4. If connecting an auxiliary scanner, connect the power supply to the power port and an AC outlet.
  5. The scanner automatically detects the host and uses the default USB device type. If the default (*) does not meet your requirements, select another USB device type by scanning the appropriate barcode from USB Device Type.
  6. On first installation when using Windows, the software may prompt to select or install the Human Interface Device driver. To install this driver, provided by Windows, click
    at all choices and click
    on the last choice. The scanner powers up during this installation.
  7. To modify any other parameter options, scan the appropriate barcodes in this guide.
If problems occur with the system, see Troubleshooting.