RFID RFID Calibrate
RFID RFID Calibrate
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RFID Calibrate

Initiate tag calibration for RFID media. (Not the same as media and ribbon calibration.) During the process, the printer moves the media, calibrates the RFID tag position, and determines the optimal settings for the RFID media being used. These settings include the programming position, the antenna element to use, and the read/write power level to use. See the RFID Programming Guide 3 for more information.
Before running this command, load the printer with RFID media, calibrate the printer, close the printhead, and feed at least one label to make sure that tag calibration will begin from the correct position.
Leave all transponders before and after the tag that is being calibrated. This allows the printer to determine RFID settings that do not encode the adjacent tag. Allow a portion of media to extend out the front of the printer to allow for backfeed during the tag calibration procedure.
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